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My thoughts on what’s going on….

A part of me is sad and full of compassion for all that are sick and
all that are losing people they love (I’m not too sad for the people who actually leave this life as I also have a (positive) opinion on death).

Another small part of me is worried about what’s next
–worldwide financial crisis, restrictions on gatherings, travels etc…

And then, there’s this HUGE part of me that is reeeeally happy!
My spirituality keeps developing. My senses, my learnings,
my understandings are better and bigger everyday.

We needed this to happen. We needed something so big that
nobody would have any other choice but to stop and listen.
Turn inward, tune in and listen within.

People who used to be reluctant to thinking further than what they were taught by our society are starting to do it. They’re finally thinking!!!

They’re starting to figure out that we have messed up humanity and it is time to make a real positive change. They’re starting to wake up. In my opinion, we are one consciousness spread in billions of beings.

The more we are awake, the more/the easier we will transition to
the new way of living that we desperately need (by ‘we’, I include all beings, Mother Earth too).

No change comes easy. Just like for a Therapy, we need to get worse so that we can bounce back and be better.

Maybe this is what we are going through? A Worldwide Therapy?
LOL I’m just realizing what I’m saying. It makes sense!!!! This is what we’re doing!

I mean, think of it… People are starting to reflect.

They’re talking to themselves via their thinking process.

According to whatever one believes in (God (whichever), the Universe, or else), he/she talks to Her (yes, for me whether it is God or the Universe or else, it is a ‘she’ and wakes up progressively. Isn’t that what we do in therapy? ?

Anyway. Long story short.

I am positive about what’s going on.
Time to develop our skills and our senses.
The world needs every single one of us ?

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