Can Goods (Rescanned)
21 Jan 2014 | Canned Goodness



Purchasing and playing the single, is a donation to the NEVERLAND COLLECTIVE GOAL is to share, teach, sing and perform with children and adults worldwide who do not have the opportunity to see shows or take lessons. From hippies singing in the rain to children “la-la-lahing” along to the songs, we have been successful thus far in our endeavour and aim to go further.

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[ Verse 1 ]
I’m on to something
Maybe being on
I hear the lies
Rumors and moans
Direction, my zone
Like I’m the sole reason
Everything went wrong
I’ll take the blame
Badu, “On and On”
I hate money
Having no funds
Never stopped the fun
Look around when
Things went wrong
I was one of few
That did not run
I was right there
Every night
No power, no lights
No problem, we’ll be all right
If we can laugh at it
We can live through it
Candle lit nights
Cracking jokes
I’m a laugh addict
I enjoy problems
Though i don’t look for ’em
Maybe the light of my life
Looks foreign
Maybe the shift from my past
And the paths that I passed
Keeps spiteful eyes
Looking for me (hmmmmm)
It’s wrong I know
World traveling alone
Can’t reach me by phone
Hold on! I’m on to something
Responses come slow
If ever at all
I’m living in awe
Hold on! I’m on to something

[Verse 2]
I think I found a pot of gold
As I get close
All the robots and the drones
Start telling me I’m wrong
I know a rainbow
Is a map and a halo
I must push on
Can’t stop for your doubts
And all concerns
Can’t Forget Everything And Run
Though I Can laugh
Even when life ain’t fun
(haha) Let’s see how this goes
My jokes make you laugh
And bruise your ego
I have no cash
Cool being broke
Richer from support
From those that know me
As the homeless homey
Who touched them with only
Hope via an exchange
That change keeps us growing
If you know me
Show me when I’m
Growing going gone.