We are under attack,
And your awareness is welcomed!

Fun Fact:
5G installations increased –and still continue!

Don ’t be distracted!

Murder, Racism and Injustice anywhere are problems.
With discernment, it is evident that some problems
are distractions, though no less of a problem.

There are atrocities taking place all over the world.
There were fights, riots and rising distrust in our
global control systems before the Corona Scare.

All of those problems and tensions remained
when the world was put on pause.

World Hunger,
World Poverty,
Government &Corporate Corruption,
Overt Discrimination Policies
Racial Tensions,
Injustice and the fight for
peace and equality never stopped.

It ’s been bottled up for 4 months.

With a bit of media motivation,
suspect instigation from questionable actors,
mixed with insurmountable uncertainty
and you have SOCIAL DISCORD.

This ORCHESTRATED discord can now be used
to expedite manipulation of rules and laws to
further justify the VIOLENT REACTIONS TO COME!

MSM is currently weaponized to push and pull the people apart around the world.

Divide &Conquer techniques have been used in
all facets of human interaction. War is where it is
notated to be a valuable tool in combat.


The news is not the source of this truth.
You could turn off every device around you.
Go into the middle of nowhere and still feel
something stir within you.

Like a liver poisoned by pesticides,
From the fluoride in the water
to the fluoride in the toothpaste
the calcification of your pineal gland
has hindered prolific possibilities.

Cognitive Dissonance is attached
to these possibilities –or lack thereof.

What we are experiencing collectively:
It is not just about a virus,
It is not just about an economic collapse,
It is not just about the food chain disruptions,
It is not just about the radiation poisoning,
It is not just about the murder of GeorgeFloyd,
It is not just about the taped actors instigating violence!
It is not just about the mass resignation of CEO ’s
It is not just about the years of FEMA camps preparations
it is not just about the coincidences aligning with conspiracies

Keep your eyes open!!!

Even thru all of this rage and rioting …
The 5G installations continue?!

There is a weapon going up all over the world
While we are fighting a target we cannot hit.

We must give consideration to a greater game at play.
A pawn rarely sees the Queen and
will never fathom existence of The Chess Player.