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That Musical-Thingy

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  • 2015
  • TV-MA

On Nov 5, Christiano Can & Friends put together an ambitious presentation.

The audience is blessed to not only hear the album, “Money Cant Kill Music”, but see it manifested before their very eyes in a modern theatre form. MCKM is lyrical mash-up of music genres; rock, hip hop, spoken word, and conscious rap all rolled into one intense album that makes the listeners ruminate on the issues crippling the world.

The opening scene shows the Zombies of Humanity waking from their phones and monotonous daily cycles to LOOK UP and see that “Something is Not Right.”

Later we see what happens when learn how it is not the DUTY OF THE POLICE to protect the people … and we also wake up the HUMAN ROBOTS who are so set of paying taxes and dying as they key experiences of Life.

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