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Ready For The Luciferase Glow?

Luciferase is a harmless enzyme that glows when oxidized.
As a matter of fact, it occurs naturally in fireflies;
it ’s what makes them glow.
But what ’s it doing in a COVID-19 vaccine?

A new test can measure the amount of COVID-19 antibodies someone has in a small sample of blood. The method uses an enzyme called luciferase, which is the same enzyme that makes fireflies glow. Not only does it reveal if antibodies are present, but it can measure how much of an antibody response someone currently has.

I have shared how devices are being installed at major shipping ports and airlines with the ability to scan a human body for various things.  One main feature of these new scanners have the ability to scan for antibodies, vaccines and whatever other nanoparticles are floating within a human body.

This is what happens when Sci-Fi catches up to “Real Life ”…and people are still watching in real-time.
Buckle-up! We are living a movie and every world-threatening action flick has a moment of mass chaos.

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