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(01) GGGGG is the greatest threat to the existence of humanity.
(02) There is a nefarious plan in motion to decrease the population
(03) With a weapon that cannot be easily stopped once it is launched.
(04) Launch is literal and figurative as the satellites are part of this.
(05) Videos and Research will be updated on this thread.
(06) Share it, comment, send debunking facts.
(07) This will not be organized. You must dig, discern and debunk.
08) I hope all of this can be debunked and proven as wrong.

09 –People vs 5G Conspirators (334 downloads)

10 –What is Normalcy Bias?

11 –What does social media censoring look like?

12 –Massive Predicted Effects of 5G in the Context of Safety Guideline Failures (645 downloads)

13 –Vodaphone Exec turned Whistleblower

14 –#PizzaGate is part of an Underground Child Trafficking Ring

15 –Pentagon Pedofile Taskfoce –NY Update

16 –Timothy Charles Holmseth –Investigative Researcher

17 –Bill Gates 1st denied Epstein, Then Regretted meeting him

18 –Who is Ted Gunderson? What are “The Finders?”

19 –The Dangers of 5G. Dr. Sharon Goldberg

20 –FACTS about Covid-19

21 –Illuminati Proofs – 1798 (2622 downloads)

22 –5G Living in A Microwave (French)

23 –Patients Reacting To ELECTROsmog (German)

24 –DTP Vaccines, Used though proven to weaken the body?

25 –Vaccines linked to Australian Epidemic

26 –Vaccine Among Young Infant in an Urban African Community

27 –5G linked to 3 deaths within 11 days on implementation (UK)

28 –Cows in panic, possibly by testing 5G network (Netherlands)

29 –BIRDS, 5G, Deaths (Netherlands) 

30 –BIRDS, 5G, Deaths (Canada)

31 –5G turned, 36 hours later unexplained fires (South Korea)

32 –5G activated South Korea’s ‘biggest ever wildfire’ 

33 –Prelude To 33 Degrees

34 –Human skin as a sub-THz receiver –Does 5G pose a danger to it or not?

35 – The Radiation Safety of 5G Wi-Fi: Reassuring or Russian Roulette?

36 –“Everything you need to know about #PizzaGate ”

37 –Houston Police reject draconian measures

38 –Mega 5G Tower: Downtown Calgary

39 –Infant Immunization The Catholic Parents’ Guide (161 downloads)

40 –5G Press Intimidation &Science Suppression (323 downloads)

41 –One vegetarian burger was determined to contain human DNA

42 –McDonald ’s has apologised after a human tooth was found in a portion of fries

43 –Burgers contain rat and human DNA, study finds

44 –Rabbi Finkelstein claims they put human meat into McDonalds beef
45 –Epstein is the Trump Card to the Cabal

46 –5G: A Dangerous “Experiment on Humanity ”

47 –What is Synomex? What is its source?  What market does it create?

48 –Spirit Science : Conspiracy Theories (Best Animation, yet)

49 –EVENT 201 –The Playbook

50 –Covid-19? CoronaVirus? …or Radiation Cell Poisoning

51 –>>>GLOBAL GOVERNANCE –Strategies for Public &Private Sector <<<

52 –Peer Reviewed Research + 3000 references on 5G ( the sourcesof #40 )

53 –The Atlantean Conspiracy 

54 –5G Mobile Technology Fact Check

55 –(nCoV-2019): Is it a Bioweapon? –Journal of Bioterrorism and Biodefense

56 –It ’s not pneumonia but HIGH ALTITUDE PULMONARY EDEMA

57 –Framework for “Responsible Limits ” on Facial Recognition Use

58 –The Queens, The Popes &The BBC ’s Knighted Serial Child Predator

59 –Known Traveller Digital Identity (Frequent Flyers Tracked 1st)

60 –“Trance” Formation of America – MK-Ultra Patient (260 downloads)

61 –Radiation &Microwaves – Admission of Harm by Governments (175 downloads)

62 –( !!! ) REPORT ON CELL TOWER RADIATION ( !!! ) (197 downloads)

63 –Who Rules the World? Draconians &the Deep State, Cabal, Illuminati

64 –Debt, Vaccines &Food as a Weapon

65 –Food As A Weapon, The Politics Of Starvation (extract)

66 –Kissinger ’s 1974 Plan for Food Control Genocide

67 –Inquiry into Human Trafficking &Child Sex Abuse (South Australia)

68 –Siemens: How 5G will Change Your Life ( Politics &Distractions )

69 –Radiation concerns halt Brussels 5G development, for now

70 –5G Services Innovation ( Bible )

71 –Human Trafficking / Sex Ring –Locations &Cooridnates

72 –National Covid-19 Testing Action Plan (Rockefeller Foundation)

73 –The 5G Wave Salad (EPIC)

74 –Planned Parenthood Sell Aborted Fetal Body Parts

75 –100 Documentaries to CHANGE THE WORLD

76 –[CIA] – GATEWAY PROCESS (157 downloads)

77 –Lock Step 2010 (433 downloads)

78 –Nervous System Manipulation (US Patent) (151 downloads)

79 –SARS-CoV2 and The Rise of Medical Technoracy

80 –SILENT WEAPONS for QUIET WARS (216 downloads)

81 –Harmonization with BioGeometry (142 downloads)

82 –Protocols of Learned Elders of Zion (Redacted) (152 downloads)

83 –Pfizer BioNTECH COVID-19 Vaccine (2021 FACT SHEET) 

84 –Satanic Cult Awareness (Official) (161 downloads)

85 –Trumps 1776 Commission Final Report (REMOVED by WHITEHOUSE) (191 downloads)

86 –Adrenochrome_04-2020_Part-1.pdf (656 downloads)+ (Video)

87 –98 Million Infected With Cancer Tainted Vaccine (140 downloads)

88 –SPARS 2025-2028 Pandemic Preparation (141 downloads)

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