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Strange Humanoid Face Discovered Carved In Stone At a 4,200-Year-Old Ancient Site From Israel

This strange hunk of granite and megalithic art was found not long ago between the Golan and Galilee areas, near the legendary 4,200-year-old dolmens.

According to Gonen Sharon, the study’s lead author, this is incredibly shocking given we know nothing about these dolmens to begin with. We are positive that this is the area’s earliest example of zoomorphic rock art, but we have no idea who made it in the first place.

Why does the following etching depict what seems to be a humanoid face, and who created these ancient monuments?

Yes, this is by far the oddest component of the discovery, since Sharon thinks it has an impact on everything.

It is clear that it was of immense significance to the dwellers who carved it in the first place since it was placed in the dead center of a circle of smaller rocks from the Quiryat Shemona dolmen field.

Because every other carving requires such accuracy, it’s likely that whatever was carved here was meant to be drawn this way, thus the resemblance to a human face isn’t just coincidental.

Many think this is a portrayal of an old figure who led them in ancient times, while some believe it is a depiction of an early humanoid extraterrestrial who came to them and who they chose to honor by cutting this sculpture.



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