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ISS cameras capture hundreds of UFOs “heading for Earth”

If you are naturally curious, NASA has a YouTube channelfull ofinteresting videos, including a live broadcast from the International Space Station (ISS).

Recently, the ISS was moving in an undetermined place on Earth, but as the camera recorded its progress, hundreds of lights in formation appear in the direction of our planet.

Gorden McKenna, was the one who detected these “anomalies” in space and published a video showing exactly the strange phenomenon.

As McKenna himself explained, he was watching the space station camera live when he observed the presence of strange objects stealthily approaching.

At first he thought they might be satellites or meteors, but their speed increased, and after a few minutes…they disappeared without a trace. And as expected, the video has caused all kinds of reactions on social networks.

There were many who thought that it could be a fleet of top-secret extraterrestrial technology ships of the United States Air Force , more specifically the Space Force.

Recall that, at the end of 2019, the then US president described space as the “newest domain in the world to fight war”. The Space Force must help deter aggression and control the “highest vantage point.”

US Space Force

The intention of this new military branch is to protect US installations in space, such as satellites used for communication and surveillance.

The Space Force will build on the work of the existing US Space Command (SpaceCom), which was created in August to manage US military operations in space.

But skeptics offered other explanations. They said it seems to correspond to Earth, with electrical storms at the beginning and also city lights.

Others suggested that they could be meteorites, and even the Starlink satellites, sent by Elon Musk ‘s SpaceX since their launch in 2018 have caused many people to mistake them for UFO sightings.

The truth is that there are more and more people who believe that this would be the “ideal moment” to start an alien invasion, with the population more confused than ever. What do you think?



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