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Futurologist Is Warning Us That Cyborgs Will Actually Replace Human Beings And Build Their Own Civilization

The only sentient and self-aware beings on the planet are humans. Many experts, however, feel that the growth of intelligent robots will result in significant changes.

According to British futurologist James Lovelock, cyborgs will establish their own universe, and mankind may vanish from our earth.

Self-sufficient and self-aware cyborgs will be offspring of existing robotics and artificial intelligence systems, according to Lovelock, author of the forthcoming book Novacene.

The Britishman foresees a future period in which machines rule the Earth.

His forecasts, however, do not entail a deadly struggle between humans and intelligent robots, nor a human-machine fusion.

James Lovelock approaches the problem from a biological perspective: today’s computers can digest data considerably quicker than humans, and future machines will be even better, becoming millions of times smarter.

In the end, cyborgs will outsmart us cognitively and construct their own universe, in which man will be reduced to a minor position, if not obsolete.

Cyborgs, according to James Lovelock, can make the Earth more friendly to them. However, it is unknown if the new planet would remain human-friendly.

Cyborgs, according to Lovelock, will eventually fill every evolutionary niche on the globe. He describes cyborgs as “another domain of life.” “They will react to us in the same way that we, as a kingdom of animals, react to plants.”

How might cyborgs appear? Lovelock is being deliberately ambiguous because he wants them to rethink design fundamentals in ways that we mere humans can’t fathom.

In his book, he adds, “Cyborgs would start afresh; like Alpha Zero, they would start from a clean slate.” He speculates that they may resemble spheres, but when pressed, he replies, “It’s completely feasible they might have no form at all,” implying that they exist only as virtual forms within computers.

It’s also unclear how our civilization will end – whether it will be feeble and unable to adapt to change, or whether it will be eliminated entirely by robots.

The arrival of the cyborg era, according to the British futurologist, will be the final stage of life on Earth, which might take a billion years.

Machines will relocate to another planet if conditions on Earth are not conducive to the existence of synthetic life.


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