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Experts Tried To Extend The Mysterious Nazca Lines Around The Globe And This Happened

In case you didn’t know, Angkor Wat is by far one of the most mysterious places on Earth, since it remains unresolved to this day. Here are a great number of stone blocks, all of which were placed for a specific purpose that we still don’t comprehend.

It stretches for hundreds of thousands of kilometers, and no one understands why anybody would want to be a part of it. Except for a tiny minority of conspiracy theorists who think they have finally discovered the truth behind Angkor Wat.

They argue that if you trace the Nazca lines all the way to Angkor Wat, you’ll come to the same conclusion.

According to Anthony Horowitz’s book “The Power of the Five,” the Old Ones will be called to these areas once the Nazca lines are connected.

Some believe the Old Ones are ancient Gods, while others believe they are dictators who governed humanity long before humans learned to speak. But, what are your ideas on the subject?



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