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Can You Feel It, Too?


I know you do…

Because I feel it too.

Everyone is effected by it.

Many are now sharing new experiences because of it.

And you’re still reading this because you know what I am writing about.

It’s that thing that has been jumping around in your brain,

Sometimes it weighs on your heart


You find that it is often…

On the tip of your tongue.

Yet, the words never make it out properly – if ever.

You hear people trying to speak about it.

Sometimes you wish you never joined the conversation with all of the

crazy sleep deprived private detective conspiracy theorist.

And then…

Other times, you hear someone saying it like you think it

But have yet managed to say – and you move closer.

You listen harder…

Because you already knew you weren’t the only one.

And deep within you, something wants to get and know this feeling better

and at the same time get rid of it before it gets crazy

– because you’re already going thru some things.

We’re all weary of these wavering truths.

Your fatigue & exhausted compliance are expected.

The “Cognitive Dissonance Wave” coming… will be fierce!

Because what happens next…


I don’t have the words, yet … but…

We’re gonna see… together!

Because even though you’re getting tired of all this …

this.. whatever this is.

You can sense that what is going on now is big.

Real Big!

Way bigger than words.

And if you know that… then you must know

That you are needed!

Even if you do not know what you can do…

I ask that you Hold on!

Go deep into yourself.

Take time to consciously breathe

And think of the world you want to have

Like Prayers to Miracles,
Intentions Manifest

The battle is not for your bank account, race or food source

This battle is not for your sovereignty, property nor pride.

This is the written and unwritten, epic battle for your soul!

And although you did not ask for it,

The battle is coming.

We’ve seen people battle over money…

How fierce will you fight for your soul?

There are Soul Warriors in preparation.

And you are welcome to build with us!

Look at the world…

We’re all going thru this


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