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Balance and Harmony – Which Are You In?

The Company you keep is indicative of the Frequency you emit. With the few people i see, in a given week, the events, exchanges and ponderings have entered into what i would classify as States of Wonder and Gratitude.

Since the flood of Aug 1st, many new happenings have occurred. The whirlwind of changes have begun to settle and now there are moments to reflect and digest.

The 2-3 hours on horseback riding thru the dense jungle bush into town grant one much time to ponder things. My rising conversation on September 11 ,2021 was about Balance & Harmony.

The terms Balance and Harmony were being used interchangeably and i was unable to fully engage in the conversation – without some clarity on the definitions for each. In asking for definitions, it became clear that the meanings were no too clear and it was assumed that “you-know-what-i-mean”, based on context, would apply.

Instead of continuing in ambiguity, when clarity and comprehension were explicit goals in all our exchanges, i shared how i perceived Harmony & Balance. These topics reminded me of the exchange between Enki & Enlil in The Lost Book Of Enki where they review the happenings of 400,000+ years on Earth and discuss Fate and Destiny.

Balance is a part of polarity and exists everywhere. Harmony is a Collective of Frequencies and is possible with many things.

Balance includes the polarities we often call opposites such as the ying and yang, male and female, positive and negative and on and on. Balance is the middle, or center point, of any given polarity.

Harmony is a State of Resonance with 2 or more frequencies. Harmony is what is sought in most relationships with any person, place or thing. Harmony is not guaranteed to be attained, unlike Balance. All is in Balance, however, not all is in Harmony.

Often times when I hear people speak of doing things to return “balance to the Earth,” I make an innate adjustment. Earth is in Balance however many humans and human practices are in Harmony with Earth.

As students in Earth class, it’s imperative that we seek clarity on our path towards sustained Harmony. It’s also important that we be mindful of what energies we invite into our study space. If I were selfish, you would be here right now… and this video begins to explain what will become ever more evident.

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