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a SWIFT Change (7/22)

“you dont know what you dont know”
however that is not a valid defense
in any instance –so i share this.

7/22/20 is a big of a date as was 9/11/01

both dates coincide major changes in
world banking and finance.

on july 21, 2020 , key parts of
The Swift Banking system will expire.

This expiration will usher in steps that
open the flood gates to the
Quantum Finance System.

and if you do not know what happened
on 9/10, and destroyed on 9/11, then i
implore that you do some key research.

The implications of this justify the ramping up
of distractions, discord and discomforts.

war has been declared on the souls of man.
this is not about a virus.
this is not about a mask.

look like (to you)?

what if i could show you that the
reset button has already been pushed?

what happens when your dollars are
not only worth less, but also worthless?

Terms of interest:

–LIBOR (scandal)
–Ripple (digital currency) and why this one?


there is way more research and meaningful exchanges taking place off of social media.

if you care to do more than scroll and comment on headlines, join us at:

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