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4 Highly Advanced Civilizations Lived On This Planet Way Before The Human Race

Ernst Muldashev, also known as Rifgatovich, is a well-known surgeon and one of the most renowned persons who believe in the existence of ancient civilizations on Earth prior to the human species.

Muldashev thinks that earlier civilizations, some of which were more evolved than humans, had lived on our planet.

A variety of tales connected to these ancient civilizations, as well as many testimonies from people who have been kidnapped by aliens and the most recent archaeological findings, back up these claims.

Muldashev asserts that the Natives, also known as Asuras, were the first civilization to govern our planet some 10 million years ago.

They were massive creatures, standing over 165 feet tall and living for 10 thousand years. Asuras had advanced to the point that they could communicate with one another through telepathy.

Spaceships from the planet Phaethon would have landed on Earth.

The planet’s second race was the Atlanteans. They were basically Asuras descendants. Atlanteans were much smaller than humans and lacked a skeleton.

In this race, the third eye, which was located between the brows, was a plus.

The Lemurians were the actual architects of the Sphinx.

After the Atlanteans died out, this species appeared, and they were quite similar to humans.

They possessed a full skeleton and could be identified based on their gender. The Lemurians inherited the third eye from Atlantis.

Their average lifespan was 1000 years, and they were 26 feet tall.

Muldashev thinks the Lemurians were also responsible for the construction of Stonehenge.

Borei is the most closely linked ancient race to humans. The aliens were around 13 feet tall.

All that is known about them is that they abandoned Earth in haste 25,000 years ago after a nuclear catastrophe.

Following the departure of the Atlanteans, the Aryans would emerge as a new race.

Aryans would have been our immediate forefathers. The skeleton was complete, but they missed the third eye. They lived 12000 years ago on Earth.


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